What to Know

What to know before you go…

  • All players must have their own clubs. We have clubs for rent if you need some.
  • No more than 4 in a group! If you are a single or twosome please try to pair up when the course is busy. This will speed up play and reduce the time everyone waits on the course.
  • Everyone who rides pays the full course rate whether or not they are playing golf.
  • Beginner and new golfers should play at less busy times such as afternoon. New players will find it much more enjoyable if they can take their time learning and they are not holding up other golfers.
  • Players are not to play more than one ball per hole. If a player hits it in the water or OB they should drop from where it entered and play from there. Multiple shots from the same area slow up play and add more divots and ball marks. We have a driving range and other practice areas for multiple shots!!
  • Golfers making the turn from the front nine have the right of way on #10 tee.
  • Enjoy yourself and act like you are playing golf with your future father-in law. Be nice to the course and other players and everyone will have fun!!

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