Blue Heron Pictures

Blue Heron Golf Course Pictures

Blue Heron Golf Course Addition

12’ of elevation change and a small site created budget, safety, and strategic challenges. Placement of ponds and a triple green produced a playable and dramatic layout for league play as well as the most intense individual match.

Blue Heron Golf Course Hole #12 Green

#12 (par 3; 118 yards): This is one of three greens sharing the same putting surface with each hole played from a different direction. The middle green sits six feet above the others, providing three separate golfing experiences.

Blue Heron Golf Course #13 Hole Green

#13 (par 4; 295 yards): A bunker conceals a hollow left of the green. Playing to the opposite side off the tee is the preferred route. The setting sun, Price Creek and the Chesapeake Bay provide a dramatic backdrop.

Blue Heron Golf Course #15 Hole Green

#15 (par 3; 161 yards): A created wetland filters stormwater before exiting the property and also acts as a lateral hazard. Trees removed from behind introduce wind to the strategy of the hole and views of Maryland’s Eastern Shore.

Blue Heron Golf Course #16 Hole Green

#16 (par 4; 308 yards): This bunker was originally eliminated for budget purposes, but was revived during construction, with the use of equipment similar to the one on this website link, because the client was well within original estimates. Sand comes into play off the tee and on the approach.

Blue Heron Golf Course #17 Hole Green

#17 (par 3; 137 yards): A pond provides buffer between the green and eighteen tee, allowing the golfer to safely remain close to the action behind while contemplating one final tee shot of the day.

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